Portable Oxygen Concentrator


Portable Oxygen Concentrators(POC) offer unrivalled freedom whilst the patient is on oxygen therapy.
The normal oxygen concentrator operates of electricity, Whilst the POC, can operate off:
2.Car 12V socket
3.Normal Electricity

POC’s are about the size of a handbag and weigh approximately 3kg.
Current POC technology is such that flow rates of up to 5LPM can be easily delivered.

Most home stationery concentrators will deliver up to 5LPM.

We have a special pricing arrangement with Discovery Medical Aid.
Depending on the plan you are on, you may qualify for a POC.

If your Medical Aid does not pay for a POC, don’t worry call us and we will liaise with a Financial Institution on your behalf to finance your POC.

We travelled the world to source the best quality Portable Oxygen Concentrators for you.
Sadly there are companies in South Africa who sell cheap cosmetic portable oxygen concentrators without considering the medical requirements of the patients.

Our travels and interaction with suppliers have revealed that in the Far East, oxygen is used for cosmetic reasons as well.
It is possible to import these portable oxygen for cosmetic reasons far more cheaper.
At the end of the day,It is the patient who pays the ultimate price.

We provide a 24hour support on all Medical Devices rented or purchased.
Repairs for Portable Oxygen Devices take place in Johannesburg.

We will review your script and Medical Condition and advise you with a qualified opinion before you purchase a Portable Oxygen Concentrator.

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