Sleep Apnea – Get Diagnosed

Get Diagnosed!

Diagnosis of Sleep Apnea must be interpreted by a qualified Medical Specialist.
Your doctor may diagnose sleep apnea based on your medical history, a physical exam, and results from a sleep study. Before diagnosing you with sleep apnea, your doctor will rule out other medical reasons or conditions that may be causing your signs and symptoms.
We are affiliated with various Sleep Technologists and Doctors around South Africa.
Your Doctor,who is known as the referring Doctor, will have the final decision over the recommendations given by the Technologists or other Specialists.

All we need is a script from your Doctor to facilitate the Sleep Study.
If you are positive for Sleep Apnea,A Titration may be recommended.
Titration is where you sleep with a machine that records that best possible pressures to treat your Sleep Apnea.

Discovery pays for your Sleep Study out of Hospital Benefits.
All other Medical Aids pay out of available day to day savings.
Therefore a Sleep Lab may ask you to pay for your Sleep Study and for you to claim from your Medical Aid.

We want to save you money as we understand that a substantially amount of your money can be spent in the Diagnostic process.
We fully understand that you still need to purchase a machine after been diagnosed.

Therefore we affiliate in an ethical way with Sleep Labs to ensure that you get the best possible pricing.

Contact the nearest OxyGen branch and request for a facilitation of a Sleep Study.
You can also email or

*Note your request for a Sleep Study must be scripted by your Doctor.