Stationery Oxygen Concentrator

The Stationery Oxygen concentrator is the most popular home oxygen therapy device.
In most cases the Stationery Concentrator is funded by rental payments,
out of the PMB (Chronic) benefits.
We deal with all Medical Aids and will guarantee that patients will never have co-payments when it comes to Stationery Oxygen Concentrators.

Medical Aids sometimes approve a combination package which will include a backup cylinder.
Our authorisation department will liaise with your Medical Aid and get approval for cylinders in the event that the criteria are met.

Due to our special relationships with Medical Aids,
We are able to deliver on the same day the script is received.
This enables doctors to discharge patients quickly,thus saving the patient and the funder loads of money.
We are off course very mindful that patients do not like to stay in hospital and
cannot wait to get home.
We understand this and our Case Managers will guide you every step of the way.

Machines do FAIL!
We understand how important it is that you continue your home oxygen therapy!
Therefore we have technicians who are on standby 24hours a day.

Our Technicians offer Telephonic support and when the Telephone Support is not adequate, The Technician will be despatched to your house with a replacement machine.

We are the experts in home oxygen concentrators and have been in this business since 1999.
We are part of your Recovery Process!

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Manufacturing products that are of the highest possible quality is key to DeVilbiss Healthcare. The latest Compact 525 oxygen concentrator is designed and built to meet the high demands of patients and cost challenges faced by service providers.