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OxyGen and General t/a as OxyGen Homecare is owned by Air Products (Pty)Ltd and Bennie Equities (Pty)Ltd. OxyGen Homecare was formed in March 1999.

OxyGen Home specialises in home therapy for patients who need oxygen and sleep apnea therapy.

OxyGen first started operating from Kempton Park in the early 2000.The demand for home oxygen grew. This resulted in the establishment of the Durban and Cape Town branches.

In the 2004 OxyGen Homecare added to its portfolio Sleep Apnea Therapy devices.

Under the leadership of the General Manager, Neville Bennie the company grew further and branches were established in Eastern Cape, Polokwane, Bloemfontein and more recently Nelspruit.

In about 2012, OxyGen Homecare became the first homecare company to import the INOGEN portable oxygen concentrator. Oxygen Homecare also became the first company with rental options for portable oxygen equipment.

OxyGen Homecare formed Designated and Preferred Provider Relationships with all Medical Funders in South Africa.This meant ’t that if patients were with a DSP or PSP Medical Funder, Then the patient would never have to pay in anything for the rental of their medical devices.

In about 2013 and following intensive training in Germany ,Hamburg, Oxygen Homecare introduced home testing for Sleep Apnea. Up to this point most Sleep Tests were done in the hospital and were very expensive.

OxyGen Homecare imported two types of Sleep testing devices, namely the R&K which did a full polysomnography and the MicroCheck which did an overnight sleep screening test.The MicroCheck was the first screening device to test for Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Central Sleep Apnea. This resulted in more patients been tested in an affordable way for this potentially life threating condition.

OxyGen Homecare continued to grow from strength to strength and by 2020 had established a National footprint in all provinces in South Africa with exception to the Northern Cape.

One of OxyGen Homecare’s major shareholder is Air Products South Africa (Pty)Ltd. Air Products is a major supplier of medical oxygen cylinders in South Africa .During the Covid pandemic  ,oxygen cylinders were supplied in various sizes and saved the lives of thousands of South Africans. Oxygen Homecare also deployed Non Invasive Ventilators under the guidance of prescribing Doctors. This intervention saved the lives of hundreds of South Africans who could not be admitted to a Hospital.

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