Power Backup Systems

Power Systems Solutions

Our country is in the grip of Load shedding .

This results in power disruptions at work and at home .

It is not uncommon to hear how South Africans plan their lives around the Load shedding Schedules .

It is not uncommon to hear how South Africans plan cooking ,bathing ,meetings and other events around Load shedding .

The convenience of working from home has been dealt a serious blow with the Load shedding crises.


We at OxyGen Homecare have realised the need for cost effective and quality power backup systems .

Following our experience with Case Management in Homecare ,We have transferred the same philosophy of customer service and applied this to Power Backup Systems .

Every customer is consulted before the sale of a Power Backup system .

We have established that South Africans need more education on managing their power needs .

The Case Manager also follows up after the installation to make sure that the training is adhered to  so that the customer gets optimum use out of the Power Backup System .

We are able to supply systems ranging from a 1.2kva system all the way to an off grid solution .

Whilst we are hopeful that the power problems in South Africa will go away,

We are unable to predict when this power problem will be resolved .

The government has provided a tax incentive of R15,000 for the FY24 tax year for Solar Solutions installed .

This means ,you will not get a tax incentive for a Hybrid Invertor and Battery but you will get an incentive if you add Solar Panels to this installation .

You must be a valid tax payer to claim this amount from your tax return .

We understand that not everyone has the cash available to purchase Power Backup Systems ,

Therefore we also offer Finance options to customers who qualify the finance , ranging from 12 to 48 months .

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