OxyGen Concentrator Mobile Power Backup System


This Lithium based invertor system will power your oxygen concentrator easily for 3.5 hours . Note you can only achieve these hours if you do not plug any other device simultaneously .

The backup system comes built into a trolley which allows you to move from room to room during Loadshedding .

You can charge this system from normal power and you can also charge this system with 2*200 watt Solar Panels .

Do not worry about the inconvenience of waiting for cylinder refills . Order your power system now .

For those of you who do not need it for medical reasons .You can power your Fridge ,multiple tvs ,Laptop ,Router ,Cellphone charger.

You have various methods of payments that you can use and that includes Credit Cards ,RCS Cards and MobiCredit ,EFT and Debit Cards .